About Chris Warwick (Dr Dent)

Chris Warwick trained and worked as a panel beater before becoming one of the first operators in Australia to learn the techniques of paintless dent repair.

In 1988 he actually paid a PDR expert who had learned the craft in a prestige European car factory to teach him to become a PDR technician, but soon so impressed his teacher that he hired him full time.

Five years later, he started Dr Dent, and has operated independently for the past 20 years.

PDR is an international skill, and operators often follow major hail storms around the world to cope with the demand for skilled operators by manufacturers, dealers and insurance companies.

An American PDR technician who was working in Australia after the giant  2000 hail storm in Sydney gave Chris the nickname that has stuck with him to this day:  “The Perfectionist”. That same American later invited him to work in the States for 6 months following a major storm there.

PDR is recognised as being an art as well as a skill and Chris believes that that once a sheet of metal or aluminium has been formed into shape under very high pressure as part of a car body, it retains a “memory” of this shape and “wants” to return to it – his job is to very carefully help it to do so.

Chris presently specialises in repairing prestige vehicles and removing hail damage. He is a registered Motor Vehicle Repairer and is listed as a Preferred Repairer by all leading insurance companies.

Invisible Paintless Dent Repair